Keyboard Blocks, Hauptwerk Blocks and Block Organs

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    A simple, basic solution for those on a budget, or who need a portable organ to go in the boot of the car, they will flat-pack in 10 minutes. (Think of the possibilities this opens up for concerts and services in venues without a suitable organ.) All of these are available in 1-, 2- or 3-manual versions. All of them have MIDI OUT; most also have MIDI IN. Stands, benches, pedalboards, swell pedals, combination pistons, etc, can all be added as optional extras.

    • The “MS” Blocks are simply keyboard stacks to drive MIDI sound generators, e.g. a Hoffrichter Expander, or Hauptwerk
    • The “HWB” Hauptwerk-Blocks are optimised for use with HAUPTWERK software and come with 32 or 64 LED switches or rocker-tab stops.
    • The Block Organs are ideal for those who want a pre-set specification, with Baroque and Romantic alternatives. These organs are based on Hoffrichter’s own library of samples.

    Capella-Series Organs
    These are Hoffrichter’s budget range of organs with static consoles and an internal amplification and speaker system, based on the same samples as the Block-Organs. They are well-suited to smaller churches, chapels, schools, or for home practice, where a portable solution is not required.

    Hauptwerk consoles
    For those who want to make the most of Hauptwerk, but don’t need a portable solution, these are very attractive stand-alone 2- 3- and and 4-manual consoles with LED stop buttons (32 each side), stop tabs or built-in touchscreen monitors.

    Markus-Series (“4-in-1”) organs.
    With its state-of-the-art note-by-note sampling (long samples as for Hauptwerk), Hoffrichter’s own new software system, a fast AMD processor and 8GB of RAM built in (4 x 2GB), this is the benchmark that other digital organ builders will now have to beat. Up to four different organs can be loaded (or modified later) via a USB stick. The organ boots (or switches between organs) and is ready to play in 15 seconds. Two 2-manual sample sets are currently available: the neo-baroque Shuke organ in St Katherine’s Church in Salzwedel, and the famous Trost organ in the chapel of Altenburg Castle - one of the few organs known to have been played by JS Bach himself. Others, including 3-manuals, will be available later. These consoles can also be used with Hauptwerk. Alternatively, if permitted by the licensing agreement, Hauptwerk sample sets can also be converted to Hoffrichter’s system and loaded.

    Alternative Keyboards
    All Hoffrichter organs come with Fatar’s basic KT6T61 tracker-touch keyboards as standard. However, a variety of alternatives with a choice of wood coverings (mostly with reverse-colour keys) from both Fatar and UHT is available. [See price list for more details.]

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