Pictures of some typical Hoffrichter products...

A 2-manual MS- or Hauptwerk-Block or Block Organ, with Z-Stand,
height-adjustable bench and straight/flat pedalboard:


A 2-manual Capella Organ:


A 2-manual Hauptwerk or Marcus-Organ console with rocker-tab stops and
high-quality reverse-colour keyboards (note the Hoffrichter Expander on top, on the right):


A 3-manual Hauptwerk-Block with 64 rocker-tab stops:


A 3-Manual Hauptwerk console with small LED stop buttons:


The new HWS-M Hauptwerk console with built-in touchscreen monitors -
available in 2-, 3- and 4-manual versions:


A 5-manual keyboard block in the workshop in Salzwedel.
Note the sloping angle of the 4th and 5th manuals.