(No tent required.)


(But feel free to bring your organ shoes
and music if you want.)



“The world’s most advanced
Virtual Pipe Organ”

Now your dreams *can* come true!

Come and see how,
at Wesley Memorial Church
in New Inn Hall Street
this Saturday, 19 November
between 10:30am and 4:30pm


You wake up in the morning and think
“What would I like to practice today?”

Widor, Vierne, Franck?
Yes, but it never quite works on most English organs, does it?
If only I had a nice 1880s Cavaillé-Coll…

Bach, Buxtehude?
Yes, but it would be so much better on a Silbermann or Schnitger…

Reger, Liszt?
Oh, for a turn-of-the-century Sauer...

Now, if only I had a decent Full Swell, some ravishing Celestes
and a Double Open Wood
(alas, not so common in Oxford college chapels nowadays)…

If only…

But it doesn’t have to be “If only…” any more -
You don’t have to go to Paris, Thuringia, Salisbury, or wherever.

You can have it all, and have it now -
In your college rooms, at home, or wherever you want it.
And it doesn’t cost the earth.

Thinking of buying a digital organ?
Forget it; this is cheaper and far better.

Come and find out more, and try it for yourself.
Play organs by Schnitger, Silbermann, Trost, Hus,
Cavaillé-Coll, Casavant, Sauer, Engelfried,
Willis, Binns and Močnik.


For more information please visit:
www.hauptwerk.com and

Douglas Henn-Macrae:– 01634 683096 – info@midi-organs.eu
Hannah Thomas - Worcester College